Before you blow your wad on a campaign, plant it in The Fallow Field. 

“Mistakes were made…”

This is the common non-apology used by politicians since the beginning. Don’t let it be your non-apology when your next creative campaign falls flat or gets hammered for being a mistake. 

We’re The Fallow Field Agency and we live to help you avoid mistakes because we’ve made so many ourselves and because we’ve all been in this business a minimum of 30 years. 

 So why Fallow Field? 

“Fallow is the field in which our fucks are grown…”

When we’ve spent so many years in this wonderful, soul crushing business we’ve come to a point where we have no more fucks to give. We’ve seen it all and we’re jaded like Zhao Mo’s tomb.  We can spot potential failure a long way off and we’re not afraid to tell you. That’s why there are zero fucks left. We’ll be refreshingly honest. Brutally honest. All based on real-world experience. 

If the emperor is naked we’ll tell you and point out all the moles that should be looked at. 

Ten thousand bucks is cheap.

We work on a flat fee. 

Send us $10K and we’ll run your campaign creative through a full gamut of our well-earned nattering nabobs of negativism. We’ll chew it up and spit it out. We’ll give you the things that can go wrong. Will you piss off, be laughed at or ignored by your most important audience? 

If you’re an agency, it’s better to get beat up by us before the client asks awkward questions. 

If you’re a client, fail fast and early and save yourself that “mistakes were made” speech. Is your agency selling you bad ideas? Is management chasing bad dreams? 

Campaigns, TV, Social Media, PR. We’ll beat it all up.

We’re a diverse lot of get-off-my-yard types. 

Chris Greta spent 40 years building brands and campaigns. Arthur Vibert spent 40 years shooting great commercials and building campaigns. James Moore spent 40 years as a senior newsman, writer, crisis manager and PR Hack. 

Whatever you’re planning. We can help make it better. Flat fee. Fast. Simple. 

Push the button. Talk to us right now.