Nattering Nabobs

We love you. That’s why we’ll beat the hell out of you. 

We love you. We really do. 

But sometimes you need someone to come along and kick some sense into your head. And the only reason we can say that is because it’s happened to us a zillion times over the years. 

We’re a bunch of jaded ad guys. We’ve created and pitched a thousand great ideas and probably a thousand lousy ideas. We’ve seen our ideas take root and climb to the heavens. And we’ve seen our ideas crash like a (something snarky). 

 What does that mean to you? 

That means that you can benefit from all the beatings we taken over the last so-many-years. 

That means you can get creative as hell and know that if we can beat up your idea and it survives us, it’ll be bulletproof. If you’re an agency, you’ll go to your clients knowing they won’t destroy your genius. If you’re a client, you know your agency won’t destroy you. 

Pretty crazy business model isn’t it. 

We make good money beating the hell out of ideas but we don’t take great pleasure in our destruction. We do it because we wish like hell someone would have done it for us when we were young and optimistic. 

All these years in the ad biz has jaded the hell out of us. Be glad you’re not us. 

But know you need our nattering nabobs of negatism to keep your big ideas from blowing your career all to hell. 

Want an example? We got a million of them. 

Here’s a great one. 

I was working for a company helping them launch their loyalty app into midsized towns all over the country. They had a limited budget so I was trying to come up with ways to get their name and logo engrained into the fabric of these towns. I came up with a lot of cool ideas and then one in particular hit me. 

A big, open top double decker bus! 

I could wrap it in our logo and use it for ferrying the locals all around town. Hire a bus driver. Offer it to the retirement homes, the bridge club, the scouts etc. A big, fun free way for everyone in town to love us. I found a bus and a company to wrap it. Everyone loved it, the CEO loved it, we were  a go on my Big Idea.

I spent time in each city we were going to launch and got to know the local business community, the Chamber, alliances etc. And I spent a lot of time walking around. 

I had the specs for this bus and then walked through a lot of intersections. 

Then I realized that if grandma was standing on the top level of the bus as it drove through town, dear grandma would have been cut in half by the low traffic lights. 

Suddenly I had this vision of my wonderful bus on CNN in China, having beheaded a gaggle of bridge players. 

I called up the CEO and pulled the plug. 

And probably averted one of those “don’t do this” articles that’ll be in every ad textbook forever. 

That’s why you need us. 

Considering the shit-storm we’ll keep you out of, we’re a bargain.